Pickleball Solivita, What is Pickleball? Florida’s Premier 55 Plus community, Favorite Game Grows

On January 16, 2014 by Victor Nawrocki
Picklball at Solivita grows to 16 courts

Picklball at Solivita grows to 16 courts

Pickleball at Solivita, There’s a hot new game taking the active adult communities, like Solivita, by storm because it’s easy to learn, easy to play, and tons of fun: Pickleball.

What is pickle ball as Solivita?
It’s a game started in 1965 when US State Representative Joel Pritchard and his friends wanted to play badminton but couldn’t find a birdie, so they improvised with a wiffle ball and wooden bats. These days Pickleball is played on a court the size of a doubles badminton court with a low net, two inches lower than a traditional tennis net. The ball, similar to a wiffle ball, is lobbied back and forth with hard wooden paddles, and the game is played in a similar fashion to both sports, scoring points when one team doesn’t return the volley. It may seem like a simple sport, but it can be challenging, fast-paced and competitive, although it is very easy to learn and is a great social activity. Pickleball is a perfect sport for the active adult over 55 as the wiffle ball moves more slowly than a tennis ball, and the court is smaller, making it easier to play. But that doesn’t diminish the fun! Seniors have flocked to Pickleball as the competitive and social aspects of the game make it fun and exciting, plus it provides great exercise and mental stimulation.

The sport that grew from that simple afternoon game has taken the senior community by storm, with a national organization, USAPA, tournaments and official merchandise and equipment. Pickleball has become one of the fastest growing sports in the active adult community, and retirement communities in central Florida are clamoring to keep up with demands from residents to get Pickleball courts set up in communities.

But why wait for your community to realize the popularity of the sport when Solivita, Florida’s premiere active adult community located in Orlando, has already added 6 new courts this year for a total of 16 Pickleball courts. This means more fun, more exercise and more chances to get out with friends and play your favorite game. Solivita is a community that truly understands what its residents want, and keeps up with changing demands of the over 55 community. In addition to Pickleball courts Solivita offers golf courses, pools, a world-class fitness center and numerous dining options, making it one of central Florida’s best active retirement communities.

Solivita also understands that you’re not just going to move in next week because of the Pickleball courts, so they invite you to stay for two nights to try the restaurants, the fitness center and the golf course, and yes, the Pickleball at Solivita courts. Meet with residents when you challenge them to a quick match on one of the communities 16 courts and make new friends. Solivita is the premiere adult community for a reason, and don’t be surprised if you fall in love with the community once you get the chance to stay for those two days. Once you move in, you can challenge your new friends to a Pickleball match, and maybe even find yourself in a Pickleball tournament. One thing is for certain, Solivita will cater to your needs and keep up with trends as they strive to be the highest quality community experience for those over 55.

For more information on Solivita and other retirement communities in central Florida, contact realtor Victor Nawrocki. He’s an expert on the over 55 communities in the Orlando and central Florida areas, and he knows what the active adult is looking for in a home. Check out his website devoted to retirement communities for the active adult at www.Flover55.com.What is Pickleball Solivita’s Favorite Court Game

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