How to pick your over 55 community?

On October 1, 2013 by Victor Nawrocki

How to pick your over 55 community?

Finding a good retirement community is a constant concern for aging citizens and their families. With more than 1,850 continuing care retirement communities around the country, senior citizens find it hard to pick the right community to spend their retirement in, so the question arises: how to pick your over 55 community?

How to pick your over 55 community?Some tips and questions to ask before you pick a retirement home:

  • Make sure to know the average age of the retirement community. Now a days some retirement communities have lower the age admission to fifty, but that doesn’t mean that everybody living there is fifty. The average age is always fluctuating, so having knowledge of the average age can cater to your desires and interests.

Find a community where people can relate to your same interests. Just because people are the same age does not mean they have the same likings and interests. Finding communities where residents share same interests such as music, art, reading or hobbies can make it a better retirement home for senior citizens.

  • What kind of activities can be found? It is important to stay active, as studies have shown that active people are happier and healthier. Pick a community that offers various activities that will keep you engaged. Look for communities that include activities such as fitness classes, swimming, cooking, hiking, etc.
  • Check communities that have policies towards under-aged residents. Some communities have restrictions towards under-aged residents; so if you enjoy having your grandchildren or children around, it will be better to find a community where having children around wont seem like a problem.
  • When selecting a retirement home, make sure you know what is included in your monthly association dues, after all, retirement is all about living on a fixed income. Make sure you are aware of any addition fees so you wont be surprised with “hidden fees”
  • It is important to be knowledgeable on what kind of services the retirement community provide. Do they have medical emergencies response? Do they provide with transportation to the market? Can they transport me to appointments?

When the time comes for retirement, finding the appropriate living situation is crucial. It is imperative that you stay informed and knowledgeable in various communities before deciding the right one for you. If you or your loved one need assistance in finding the right over 55 community, please contact me today so I can further assist you in finding the right community for you.

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