Florida Communities Building New Energy-Saving Homes

On July 5, 2013 by Victor Nawrocki

Florida Communities Building New Energy-Saving Homes

In the Active Adult communities of Solivita, Del Webb Orlando, Lake Ashton, and Heritage Hills, new homes are being built for both buyers’ comfort and the world’s preservation. These new homes are energy-saving, ecologically friendly, built specifically to be “green.” The official statement from Solivita says that the community is “recognized for [its] commitment to environmentally sustainable development… [Our homes are] healthy for your wallet as well as our planet.” Similar statements are echoed from the other communities working towards the same goals.

Florida Communities Building New Energy-Saving HomesAll communities have “green” homes open for business at this point of time. Approximately fifty-five are currently up and running, with more to come.

The Solivita community offers a number of technologies in their new “green” homes. These include lighting, plumbing and appliances that reduce greenhouses gases by 4500 pounds per home per year, non-toxic insulation to reduce energy costs, eco-friendly windows made from Low Emissivity glass, radiant barrier roof sheathing, SEER air conditioning and a high-efficiency solar power system. All of these technologies work towards lowering the environmental footprint while creating a safe and comfortable home environment for residents to live in.

Del Webb Orlando offers programmable thermostats, various kinds of high-quality insulation, the same Low-E windows, solar power, roof sheathing, and air conditioning seen in Solivita, tankless hot water heaters, smart wiring, fresh-air ventilation, and environmentally friendly paint. All buildings are made from recycled material, and work with Energy Star appliances to reduce emissions. Their homes are rated on the HERS [Home Energy Rating System] scale to give a cost estimate and an approximate count on the energy-efficiency of the house. All the homes are certified and soundly built, and have many more amenities that give residents comfort and the environment a push in the right direction.

Heritage Hills offers a similar set of commodities, with solar power and “green” cleaning services among other options, as does Lake Ashton. Lake Ashton is also a dual-community, with both “green” and “non-green” homes to fit the buyers’ needs, income, and choice. This is known as the “Environments for Living” program. The “green homes” include water conservation, better insulation, and other energy saving amenities, and are all certified.

These four Florida communities are all working towards a better and brighter future, with hopes of a green but comfortable Earth with the expenses at a manageable, safe level.

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